Business Insurance


Business insurance

We are full profile insurance professionals. We prohibit all types of insurance in all insurance companies registered in Lithuania and branches of foreign insurance companies. After evaluating your company’s needs, we prepare a comprehensive analysis of insurance offers. Insurance for business – we guarantee the best ratio of insurance terms and prices!



Transport insurance

Punitive, voluntary, cask bans for all types of vehicles



Property insurance

Different types of real estate and movable property insurance and business interruptions, cargo insurance



Prohibition insurance

The offer, prepayment, guarantee period, liability in customs procedures, a guarantee of travel organizer’s obligations and other warranties.



Civil liability insurance

These include various civil liability insurance, general civil liability insurance, professional liability insurance, activities (carriers, lawyers, notaries, doctors, builders, etc.), products and other civil liability insurance



For employer and employee

Various kinds of life, health, medical expenses, travel insurance and accidents



Other types

Cyber threats, logistics and other types of insurance



Get an insurance offer

We prepare an analysis of insurance offers and guarantee the best insurance terms and prices!


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