Private customers insurance

Private customers insurance

We are full profile insurance professionals. We prohibit all types of insurance in all insurance companies registered in Lithuania and branches of foreign insurance companies. We evaluate your personal needs and prepare an analysis of insurance offers. We guarantee the best insurance terms and prices!



Transport insurance

We prohibit all vehicles through compulsory and voluntary, casco insurance. There is no unexpected financial loss to you regarding transport.



Asset insurance

It includes real estate and free property insurance for natural persons. The most important thing is to insure real estate is because it is usually the most significant family investment and the most valuable asset.



Travel insurance

It is not only medical expenses in a foreign country but also life, accident, luggage, missed travel, civil liability, and other prohibitions.



Accident insurance

Financial support in the event of death, injury, accidents. If you had an accident – this insurance will help you feel a little better.



Life and cumulative insurance

Long-term cumulative, investment, retirement, children’s education or loss of life, life and cumulative prohibition. They help the family feel financially safe.



Civil insurance

A person, owner of a house, owner of the transport, owner of the animal and other civil liability insurance. They help to solve unpleasant situations without conflict and financial losses



Get an insurance offer

We prepare an analysis of insurance offers and guarantee the best insurance terms and prices!


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