uadbb olvirga taurages draudimo brokeris

About Us

Dear Clients, UADBB “Olvirga” is an insurance brokerage company licensed by the Bank of Lithuania and has been operating in Tauragė since 1994. We represent all insurance companies operating in the Republic of Lithuania and branches of foreign insurance companies. We can prepare any type of insurance contract for both corporate clients and private individuals.

Why choose us?

No additional charges

We provide insurance at insurance company prices at no extra charge

We prepare individual offers

For all our clients, we prepare an analysis of offers from all insurance companies, tailored to their individual needs

We provide additional advice

Advice in the event of an insured event or any other insurance or indemnity matter of interest to you

Please inform us in advance

Remind you of expiring insurance contracts at your request a week, two weeks in advance or at a time and in a way of your choice – by phone call, text message or email.

Make the necessary changes

At the client’s request, we terminate, supplement or otherwise modify the insurance contract during its term

We work reliably and professionally!

We are a Closed Joint Stock Insurance Brokerage Company licensed by the Bank of Lithuania

Frequently asked questions

  • How much do the services of UADBB Olvirga cost?

    Our services and consultations are free of charge for our clients. Insurance companies pay us for the insurance contracts we take out.

  • Why analyse insurance offers?

    Every time an insurance contract is priced, an analysis is carried out in order to compare in detail the prices and conditions of all the insurance companies, which are completely different. In addition, insurance companies are constantly changing and adding to their policies and prices, so what was best for you this year may not necessarily be best for next year. This is the only way to choose the best insurance option.

  • What if I already have insurance but I'm not sure it meets my expectations?

    You can ask us to carry out an analysis and discuss it with you.

  • How will I get the insurance contract if I order it on www.olvirga.lt or by email?

    You will receive the insurance contract in the way you choose: by email, regular mail, registered letter, picking it up at Olvirga's office at a time convenient for you, or we will deliver it to your company's office. We send insurance contracts free of charge to our customers.

Information for the client

We invite you to read our privacy policy, company information, terms of service, terms of complaint and personal data protection regulations.